Legends of learning

Educational games suite developed for the Legends of Learning company in the USA. The project has an online platform for educational games for children and is being used as a pedagogical complement to the curriculum in more than 20,000 schools throughout the country. 

Droid Escape

A Space Adventure

Anny K. and his robot Droid 07 were kidnapped and locked in different rooms inside a spaceship controlled by DreX Corp. What they don't know is that Anny has a device to control Droid 07 remotely and can use it to escape back to his planet. In this adventure help Droid 07 overcome challenges and uncover mysteries to free his friend from the enemy forces.

As aventuras da Baby V

Game developed in partnership with Youtuber Flávia Calina. The adventures of Baby brings educational entertainment content to children from 3 years of age. Get it now!

3 Palavrinhas

The Três Palavrinhas Game is a suite of 6 educational mini-games such as memory games, puzzles, mistakes games, among others.

The objective of the game is to take the channel's content to children through another type of digital media, engaging children in an educational way. The game is available on Google Play and the Apple Store and has over 200,000 downloads.

Pippos Quest

Advergame of the brand Pippos of São Braz company. In an adventure full of dangers and challenges, your mission is to help Xeleco and his gang find all the Pippos that have been stolen by the evil chicken of evil. 

Pinto no Balde

The game is a very entertaining advergame developed for the fast food chain Pinto in the Bucket. Play and challenge your friends and see who can put more chicks in the bucket 

Happy Pumpkin

In this game the mission is to defeat the evil forces with the skill of your fingers. Face the enemies, but be careful not to destroy the bible or the happy pumpkin that are helping you on this journey. And remember that Jesus is with us always. So, when you touch it, instead of losing, you will be blessed, time will stop and that way we will be able to defeat more enemies. Go Go Happy Pumpkin!

We Got It Run

The game We Got it Run is an initiative of Lagoinha Orlando Church, which aims to help make the Pra Cima Lagoinha project viable. In this adventure, help Pastor André Valadão running through the streets of Orlando collecting Bibles, the symbol of the church and hearts that represent the love of God, facing many challenges until his arrival in the new Temple.

Gift Quest

Imagine yourself more than two thousand years ago and with a very important mission: to make the three wise men deliver gifts to our Savior Jesus Christ, during his birth. This adventure is now accessible to children and adults in yet another launch of Lagoplay and tells in a fun way the biggest event in our history. Have a lot of fun walking through the city streets, dodging enemies and ensuring that everything happens as it is in the holy scriptures! Download it now and join this epic moment!

Holy Pop It

Come enjoy and have a lot of fun with a relaxing and blessed game that brings content for children and the whole family.

Crente Touch

Look at another super fun game from LagoPlay! The Believer Touch! You know those little match 3 games that get harder and with a lot of levels? So it is! There are more than 60 levels with very cool themes about biblical symbols, animals, toys and the characters of our Lagoinha Kids! In this game, through the phases, you will get to know each character and learn more about this gang! Download right now!

Yasmin Hero Star

In this musical and super fun game, come and enjoy together with Yasmin, her main musical hits from her Youtube channel. Unlock various songs and collectibles with the coins you can collect as you play. There are several collectibles and one of them will be a big surprise! We are waiting for you here at Yasmin Hero Star! Download now!!!

Bolachinha Voa Voa

Game inspired by the "Cueio" cartoon series of the YouTube Channel Gato Galatico.

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