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Droid Escape


Andrew S. has been locked in a Spaceship Prison controlled by DreX Corp, but little they know he has a device in his pocket able to remotely control the D.R.O.I.D 007 hidden in the depths of the ship. Now it's up to you to help 007 adventure and overcome the dangers and rescue Andrew from the claws of the evil corporation.

About Ticjoy

A child's passion that became work and work as responsibility. This is the feeling that drives a young company, born with the goal of producing quality games and winning the players. Whether they are educational, advergames or entertainment, our games seek through their content to bring a differentiated and inviting experience. Get to know our work and feel the pleasure of enjoying the services of TicJoy.

Demo reel

In our portfolio we have games produced in partnership with Youtube channels and advergames for companies. Check out our demo reel:

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